In this week’s resource round-up, we’re highlighting secondary math and science resources that will help your students visualize complex concepts.

We’re featuring Domain and Range Card Match, Probability Unit Bundle, Project Based Learning Activities, and so much more.

Get ready to empower your students’ with these resources, half of which are FREE!

Domain and Range Card Match Activity
Domain and Range Card Match Activity by Math Beach Solutions

It’s FREE!

“This engaging card match activity promotes student understanding of the connection between the domain and range of a function to its graph, while interacting with both inequality notation and interval notation. This activity helps reinforce the concept that graphs of different shapes may have the same domain and range.”

Texas Algebra 2 Curriculum Bundle
Texas Algebra 2 Curriculum Bundle by Math Beach Solutions

“This 12-unit Algebra 2 curriculum bundle contains notes, practice worksheets, reviews, assessments, concept organizers, and activities — all aligned to the Texas Algebra 2 TEKS. With 1,700 pages of student content, including over 120 standards-aligned activities, teachers have a wealth of resources at their fingertips to use as a standalone curriculum or as a robust supplement to existing resources.”

Circle Theorems Task Cards
Circle Theorems Task Cards by Lindsay Bowden

It’s FREE!

“These task cards are a fun and interactive way for students to review the circle theorems in high school geometry. I love to use these as a review game before a unit test!”

Probability Unit Bundle
Probability Unit Bundle by Lindsay Bowden

“This is a compound and conditional probability unit for high school. The unit includes notes, worksheets, activities, and editable assessments.”

Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres Drawing activity
Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres Drawing activity by HIT THE STANDARDS

It’s FREE!

“This resource works as a great introduction to understanding the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres since it helps students see the connection between the volume of these shapes and their formulas.”

MATHVILLE Build a City Math Project Geometry, Area, Surface a,3D Volume STEM
“MATHVILLE Build a City Math Project Geometry, Area, Surface a,3D Volume STEM by HIT THE STANDARDS

“In this hands-on math project, students will go through six phases where they will measure, calculate, cut, color, build, paste, and use their math problem-solving skills to construct their own city from scratch!”

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