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Automated Webinar – Premier Webinar Provider

With automated webinars, you can attract your audience with customized promotion options like a registration form or email follow-ups. Let your event stand out by polishing the process to perfection.

Start with the basics
  • Click the Create webinar button
  • Choose the Automated option
  • Name the event and choose the date and hour
Adjust the chat to your needs
Start building your automated webinar timeline
Compose your automated webinar timeline

ClickMeeting platform came to life in 2011 and throughout the years it established its position as a complete webinar solution for educational, business, and non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

In the times of remote work and teaching online, we deliver the technology ideally suited for efficient collaboration, meetings, and online communication.

We help thousands of teachers, trainers, marketers, salespeople, and managers worldwide to stay connected, share knowledge and experience, through running online events at every scale – from online meetings for up to 40 people, through webinars for up to 1K attendees, up to huge virtual events for up to 10K viewers

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Automated Webinar – Premier Webinar Provider