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PC Fresh

The tuning software for maximum power: Makes your PC faster and more powerful than ever before

  • Accelerates your Windows for a blazingly fast and stable running PC
  • The extensive software gets the maximum power out of your computer through numerous functions
  • With the unique Power Now! mode, you can enjoy PC performance like you never thought possible

With our tuning tools you can make even more detailed settings on your PC in order to optimize performance or obtain relevant information depending on the application.
In the system information you will find all the important information about your PC, its operating system and the storage capacity currently being used. In the area of ​​memory optimization, unnecessary applications are removed from the main memory using RAM optimization. And with the Open with list you can decide and set which specific programs should open a file.
With PC Fresh you get the maximum power out of your PC, ensure better performance and benefit from a computer that is faster and more powerful than ever before.

  • After just a short time, PC performance drops drastically
  • With PC Fresh, your computer will run faster and more stable than ever before
  • The Power Now! mode gets the maximum power from your PC
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PC Fresh