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Premier Performance Desktops and Laptops

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  • 10% off all other custom desktops
  • $300 off EON17-X
  • $275 off EON16-S, EON16-SL & EON14-S
  • $1,000 off EVO17-S notebooks
  • Free HD UV Prints on all laptops
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  • Bonus games on eligible systems
  • Free upgrade to two year part replacement with shipping warranty all systems
  • Free US ground shipping (hardline cooling systems excluded)

ORIGIN PC is a PC company that builds award winning custom PCs for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals.

We strive to offer every individual customer the best possible PC experience from start to finish no matter what PC they have purchased from us.

Our mission is to create the absolute best custom PCs for every individual’s specific wants and needs. Whether you want the most realistic and immersive gaming experience or ultra-fast workstation performance, every ORIGIN PC is up to the task.

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Premier Performance Desktops and Laptops